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The company offers investment opportunities in the form of company borrowings with fixed interest rates to all residents or non-resident legal entities as well as to individuals.

Main terms

Purpose of borrowings – funds raised are intended solely for financing activities of the company.
Currency - GEL, USD or EUR.
Geography - Georgia or any other country except non-cooperating countries or zones of special attention. Besides, the company does not accept funds from the residents of the countries or parts of the countries listed in a document submitted by the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia to the National Bank of Georgia.
Age of investor - from 18 years;
Size of investments - minimal amount – USD 10,000, or EUR 10,000 or GEL 25,000.

Accrual of interest - Interest will be accrued daily based on 365 days per year using simple interest rate;
Loan term - Minimal term of borrowings is 6 months;
Interest payments and repayment of principle - Interest will be paid monthly on a date specified by a borrower. The principal will be replayed at the maturity date of the borrowings.

LLC Smart Invest is not a licensed bank and light bank supervision mode applies on it. In case of its

bankruptcy you may not refund your money.