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Mortgage loan

Terms and conditions of the loan:

  • Loan currency – Georgian Lari (GEL);
  • Loan repayment terms – annuity payments as per amortized loan schedule or interest payments with full principal repayment at the loan maturity date;
  • Loan amount: from GEL 1,500 to GEL 100,000;
  • Loan duration – up to 5 years;
  • Loan purpose – for any legal activity.


Located in Tbilisi or adjacent regions:

  • A flat in fully constructed residential house (flats in under construction residential houses are acceptable, provided the house is roofed and connected to public utility systems);
  • A private house;
  • A country house or cottage;
  • Commercial property;
  • Land.

Approval process of the loan:

  1. Loan application form should be completed by a customer in the company office;
  2. Loan officer agrees with a customer with regard to visiting the property and business premises (in case of existence) for valuation;
  3. The customer provides documents requested by a loan officer for a loan approval;
  4. Loan officer submits required documents to the credit committee for approval. The customer will be notified about the decision of the committee within one business day;
  5. Loan disbursement.
Documents required for loan approval:

  • Renewed property statement from National Agency of Property Registration of Georgia;
  • IDs of a customer and the owner of the property (in case the property is owned by another person);
  • Credit committee at its discretion may request additional documents or performance of specific actions in relatoin to property to be collateralized;
  • Confirmation documents for earnings of a customer.